Paramount Cords has created a new VM Personal Electronic Flash Adapter!  WooHoo!
I'm adding it to the Accessories page.

This news is a little late, but Scenic and custom reel production is back.
An agreement has been made to allow AlphaCine to do runs for Custom and Scenic reels.  Finley-Holiday will continue to be the distributer of the Scenic sets.  Let me know if you need contact information.

A sad day. Our other little dog Nora passed away at 17.  I will put a page up for her too once I have the heart for it.

I'm hoping Scenic reels with have a new lease on Life with Image 3D
Also Rich at Image 3D has started a new small run / Personal Reel business with Celebrations 3D

I'm real excited about the Fuji Digital Stereo camera that is coming out at the end of the year.
You could create VM reels from those images using Do it yourself (Charles Barnard's method) or Celebrations 3D

I'm really bad (obviously) about updating this page. It's been in the news recently about the demise of View-Master Scenic Reels.  I thought I would just mention that they continue to make reels, just not the Scenics (What got them started and what a lot of Adults collect).  It's very sad, but the quality has been so bad recently it's hard to mourn too much.

I updated the film page now that you can't hardly find Velvia 50 anymore.
I also updated the Accessories page.

I updated the Personal Reel Mount page with new information.

It's not really site related, but my dog Nicholas passed away on May 1st 2007. He was 16. We miss him very much.
I  put up a page about him here.

Not much going on that is new with the site. I added the info from Kevin Pernicano on Building Your Own VM Copy Unit.

Just a note that more little things have been added here and there. One interesting addition of note is the link to www.reeltool.com which helps you copy your personal reels to anaglyph prints.

3D Stereo.com has announced new reel mounts are NOW in production.
More details here

Happy Cinco De Mayo. I have added little things to the site here and there but they haven't really been important enough for a log. Some things of interest might be the 2005 NSA Convention link. A few updated pictures on the pictures page

AP Article on the 65th Anniversary of View-Master
Added a list of modern custom reels to be on the look out for.

Staff member Pierre Bernard of the Conan O'Brian show goes on the air to demand that Fischer-Price fix the Personal Reel Machine. See WMV format Clip here Quicktime Clip Here
Pierre Bernard is my hero

Added actual instructions to a web page for Charles Barnard's method for creating personal reels from a digital source so you can read the instructions without needing to download the zip file.

I have made several small updates over the last few months, but none seemed worth noting.
I just updated the Model O Viewer information to include the new 2003 run.
I added a section of View-Master Custom Reels
I added an intro to Stereo Cameras

Images from the GM Promotion at the Texas State Fair

Added some information about the Stereo-Matic 500 projector.

Many tiny changes throughout the site. Also added information about new films that are becoming available.

New Personal Reels available! see info on the Personal Reel page.

Site has been moved from RackShack to LunarPages. With the introduction of the newest viewer I split out my reviews of it and the standard Virtual Viewer with this new page.

Added more detailed information on Camera Repair Services

Added a page describing the concept of the Stereo Window

Nothing major, just got several new Packet Repros up.

Added the information on Making custom View-Master Reels using a 35mm or Realist camera I got from Bob Aldridge.

Added stereo images from the Rock City Gardens View-Master shoot.

Started adding information about our Rock City Gardens View-Master shoot.

Just got the news that Roger Nazeley passed away. This is a very sad day for View-Master collectors. Roger was a great resource for me when I started this hobby and has always been available to answer questions. He has left a wonderful legacy of information on View-Master and will be remembered fondly.

Been busy on the Rock City Gardens shoot and haven't made many updates. I did get a new graphic done for the Scenic Reels page that's in the style of the old Big Letter post cards. I also have uploaded a few more packets and sleeve scans.

Added for sale items on the products page with t-shirts and mouse pads

Added a Packet Style Quick Reference. This is just a simple guide and refers to the ultimate reel list for more detail

Started working on the Sleeve Identification page

Minor update to the TDC Vivd Page to add some filter tricks.

Minor updates with pictures from a recent trip added to Who Am I page and Pictures Page.

Acquired the Stereocraft domain name and added info about Stereocraft Engineering.

Finished my site conversion to support handheld devices. Normal PC browsers should see no difference, but if you use a Pocket PC you will see that the site is formatted for the smaller screen. If you prefer less graphics you can browse to it directly if you would like by going to www.vmresource.com/_pocketpc.

Added a View-Master Camera FAQ to cover some of the typical questions I get on the camera and the system. This includes making prints from reels from Joseph Kearse.

Got some more packet scans from Roger to clean up and upload (got one up today). Also added K-PAX to the movie page.

Back from vacation and trying to upload some more packets. I'm studying for some work related exams, so I don't have a lot of time to scan my own collection at the moment.

The Day After - We are still here, we are not demoralized. Just sad and really really pissed off. I ask the world not to mistake our pride for arrogance. We are regular people trying to live our lives day by day just like everybody else. I also plead to Americans that if it does turn out to be a radical Islamic group that is responsible, do not assume this anything to do with the real Islamic religion. Islamic and Arab Americans are just as horrified (if not more so) as everyone else.

The Packet Archives are up and running.

Added test packets to the Packet Archives for review.

Changed categories to make room for adding Packet Archives.

Added this "What's New Page". New and better machine descriptions on the Reel Production Page. New pictures of the Mexico Plant. Added a Products and Services page to highlight the few things I sell or for sale items I am working on. I also added a preview page for my upcoming National D-Day Museum View-Master set.


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