Rock City Gardens
View-Master Reel Set

Updating pictures for 2003

These are a few shots of us taking pictures for the Rock City Gardens View-Master set as well as
a few examples of the actual pictures taken.


Carol at the Rock City Gardens shoot.

We primarily used this Belplasca, but also used our TDC Stereo Vivid. This Belplasca has adaptors for 37mm filters so I could use polarizers and warming filters when needed.





Me taking a meter reading  at the entrance to Fairyland Caverns.

The light was very tricky in a lot of spots and light would only get down through the rocks and trees at certain times of the day.

To view the preview Images in 3D you can freeview them or use a lorgnette viewer. The two left images are for cross-eye viewing and the two right images are for parallel viewing.

Ordering information:
The Rock City and Lookout MountainView-Master reels are $5.99 directly from Rock City.
They ship out through UPS Ground, and shipping is $7.00. If you would like to order them, give them a call at
1-800-854-0675 ext. 266.
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