Stereo-Matic 500

This is the only projector that will allow you to project your view-master reels in 3D.

The two main colors for the Stero-Matic are black and tan.


The most common lens is the 3", but it also is available in the 2 1/4 inch version.
The advantage to the 2 1/4 is that for the same image size you can get the projector much
closer to the screen. So it's best for home use. It DOES NOT make the image brighter as some say.
Closer does not equal brighter with a focused image.

The projector features a few unique features (another Stereocraft design) such as linked focus and convergence and a single bulb in it's lamp housing.

For more info see the Manuals section.

Search ebay for a Stero-Matic 500

Issues with replacing broken condenser lenses:
Walter Sigg ( has a supply of these for 24.95 each.