My name is Eddie Bowers. I'm  a systems engineer at Microsoft and a avid View-Master collector as well as 3D Stereo photographer.  I don't recall having much exposure to View-Master or 3D as a kid, and only got into it after a Trip to Washington DC in 1998.  One of the souvenirs we brought back was a DC View-Master set. When I got home and looked at it I was hooked. I have always been into photography and shortly after that trip the Discovery Channel had a show called "Our Favorite Toys". It had a segment about View-Master and showed a brief glimpse of a camera. I HAD TO HAVE ONE! The rest is history :)

This is me with my Belplasca stereo camera. This is one of the main cameras I use on View-Master shoots. It's little customized with some 37mm filter rings added and a modified viewfinder that shows me the View-Master cropping area, allowing me to better compose for that format. I also now have the Fuji W1 and W3 digital 3D camera. (I need a new photo, this one is at least 10 years old)

This is a picture my wife took of me shooting with my Personal Stereo Camera in Colorado (Click for the full picture)
Since I was very young my Grandfather took me up to South Fork Colorado to spend the whole summer vacation (which used to be 3 months).  It still holds a very special place in my heart and I try to be up there as much as possible.

These are my favorite shoes.  Every time I used to wear out a pair of shoes I would take forever to find some new ones because they never make the same shoes for more than a year or so. I always wanted canvas ones too. It finally dawned on me that Chucks were the answer and I have been happy ever since :)  PF-Flyers are pretty cool too.
This is my band. My friend from college writes most of the songs, and my longtime friend and coworker at Microsoft plays drums. We may never be famous, but it sure is fun. When I started with this 3D stuff I had pretty much retired my music ambitions. It's great to be doing it again. FastNickel

Other things I'm into are
Science Fiction Robots
Movies: (Fight Club, The original Star Wars films, Kevin Smith movies)
TV: (Game of Thrones, MadMen, Walking Dead, Myth Busters, The Daily Show, Colbert)
Slot cars
1950's and retro furniture and style.
Traditional animation and stop motion animation.
Making guitar effects and playing guitar
Food: Ovaltine, Steak, TexMex
Pets: A Tribute to my late dog Nick


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