Our Living room/Kitchen. This is after a major renovation project.
There used to be a wall behind that couch.
We found this 50's couch thrown out
as trash. At that point it smelled bad and had holes in the fabric, but
having it re-covered made it like new. 


This is the whole family on vacation in Colorado. for more pictures of
the dogs (who have now passed away) on vacation click the picture.

This is me and one of the two awesome View-Master displays they have at
Carlsbad Caverns. They do one of the best jobs of displaying
View-Master Scenics I have seen..
This picture was taken on a trip to White Sands New Mexico. You can see me holding my View-Master camera .  It may look strange because it has my filter converters with the 49mm  polarizers on it. You can also see my camera bag with my meter and close-up lenses attached.
This is me taking a meter reading while doing a View-Master
shoot at Rock City Gardens
Extremely rare picture of us actually dressed up. :)
The giant View-Master from the GM exhibit at the Texas State Fair. (click it for more)
I have a unnatural fascination with robots. This is one of two original
Robots from Lost In Space at the SciFi Museum in Seattle. His name is B9
or just Robot, he is not Robby, that is another robot.


I have an unnatural fascination with this woman too.
In 2009 we got this new addition to our family.