The National D-Day Museum

  These are some examples from the National D-Day Museum View-Master shoot we did this last year.  Currently the project is on hold while they decide which shots they want, and it appears to be on their back burner :(  If and when they make the final decision the three reel View-Master set will be available directly from the museum gift shop  

Preview Images

To view the preview Images in 3D you can freeview them or use a lorgnette viewer. The two left images are for cross-eye viewing and the two right images are for parallel viewing.

Cameras used: TDC Vivid, Pentax P30T with slide bar, and Minolta twin rig (loaned by Bob Shotsberger).
Film used: Fuji 64T, Fuji Velvia, Fuji Provia 400F, and Kodak E100S

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