Personal Reel Mounts


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Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 3:44 PM

After more than five years of new Personal Reel Mounts' unavailability, Reel Mounts will once again be available for the thousands of stereo photographers who have enjoyed creating their own stereo reels with images of their own creation. The Fresa Volante™ Reel Mounts are now in production, and expected to begin shipping from 3Dstereo before the end of September.

3Dstereo, the exclusive distributor of the Fresa Volante™ Reel Mounts is proud to be able to begin to take orders for Reel Mounts. Packaged in packs of 10 (a roll of 36 exposure film will fill 9+ reels), it's just the right amount for each roll of film you shoot. Each pack contains 10 Reel Mounts plus 10 Paper Sleeves (envelopes) to insure long lasting protection of your images.

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