View-Master Scenic and Travel Reels

Some of the most popular and most collectable View-Master Reel sets over the years have been the Scenic sets. These are also the type that started it all back in 1939.

Today these sets are still produced even though they are not the main part of the product line and have a more limited list of subject matters.

Where can you get Scenic Reels other than on location or at an attraction?
World Wide Slides

Vintage sets can always be found on eBay.

Unfortunately If you want your attraction on a set of View-Master Reels, you can't do this through Ficher-Price any longer.  They have discontinued production of Scenic reels this year (2009).

You might have other options however so Email so you can be sent the details and get in contact with the right people.

Sets I have been involved in:

View-Master set for Rock City Gardens .  My wife Carol and I took new shots in spring of 2002.  The reels they carried had 40 year old images. See example shots and pictures of us on the job.

The National D-Day Museum had us shoot a View-Master set that was never produced. Follow the link for more information.