Camera Accessories.

Close-Up Attachments.
They came in 36" for portraits and 24" intended for technical or scientific work. The 24" is harder to find, but the 36" is much more useful.
Series V Color Correcting Filters.
What you see the most of is filters for correcting tungsten film for daylight use, but these are not very useful anymore. The Skylight filters are still useful in shade or at high altitudes where you need to correct for the blue cast of the light. You can find more variety in modern 37mm filters, but you need an adapter to use these on a View-Master camera.

Series V Neutral Density Filters.
I don't leave home without them. They basically take you down one (ND3) or two (ND6) stops when you are in bright sunlight. It's like changing your 100 speed film to 50 just by dropping in these filters. These are real handy now that Velvia 50 has been discontinued. If you can't find Series V filters, see if you can find an adapter ring to the much more common 37mm filters (I have a few of these in stock if you need a pair)
Light Meter
A basic light meter will help you get much more accurate exposures than using the "Easy-Indicator". You might even look into a vintage meter that still works because the shutter and aperture ranges will match the camera better (My favorite is a Sekonic L-6). Either way, I find it best to attach a zip cord to mine instead of hanging it around my neck.

Spee-D Electronic Flash Adapter
This is a much better alternative to using a vintage flash. It mounts and un-mounts easily with a coin screw. These can be purchased from
NEW Paramount Electronic Flash Adapter
Like the old Spee-D it's a much better alternative to using a vintage flash.
It required a separate flash bracket instead of allowing you to mount
the flash directly on top of the camera.
Paramount Flash Adapter
Electronic Flash
With the Electronic Flash Adapter you can use a modern flash that has auto exposure. Just set your flash for the aperture setting on your camera and let it do the rest.
See Setting Electronic Flash Sync.
Film Cutter
The Film cutter is necessary to cut the film for insertion into the blank reel mounts. For more info see the Manuals section.
Personal Reel Mounts.
These are necessary to mount your pictures. You can still purchase these new from several dealers. Click the reel to the right for more information
  Spee-D Tool for View-Master Reel Blanks
This is an extremely useful pocket expanding tool for reel blanks. A lot of the newer reels have closed pockets, so this really is handy. You can buy them from
Stereomatic 500 Projector
Allows you to project your personal and store bought reels in 3D. For more info see the Manuals section.
  Other Handy Accessories
Cable release
External self timer (for taking pictures of yourself)
Filter adapter rings to use 37mm (more standard) filters