View-Master Reel Sleeve History (US)
(work in progress)

Original Sleeve design from 1939.

Gold Sleeve design (dates?)

Blue Sleeve design (dates?)



Red Wave

Original Blue Wave sleeve

circa around 195X-1956
Personal Stereo Ad on the bottom flap (click this for another variation)
This sample came from this packet A-961-S3D(164-ABC) Cypress Gardens(pop-up) but also seen in S1/S2 packets

circa around 1956-195X
This sample came from this packet A-961-S3(164-ABC) Cypress Gardens (pop-up)




European Sleeves (Click This)

Other non-standard Sleeves (Click This)

Repro Sleeve for Modern Reels

Scans provided by Dalia at, Bob Shotsberger, Peter Thorup, Tim Goldsmith, Don Colin, Linda Nygren and Bjarne Lauder