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I do camera repair on the TDC Vivid and View-Master Personal Stereo Camera. Prices range from $25 to $80.

You can buy my high resolution version of the repair manual with updates for 2005 for $30

I'm working on a 3rd revision with inline photo examples.


I have a CD-ROM  (View-Master TV) that was a collaboration between me and Mary Ann Sell that has several hours of video from old 50's era TV shows feature View-Master as well as interviews with View-Master legends Charley Van Pelt and Dave Hitchcock. This is available directly from Mary Ann Sell for $30
View-Master related T-Shirts and Mouse pads

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NEW - Realist Red Button Viewer Coozie - NEW

View-Master set for Rock City Gardens .  My wife Carol and I took new shots in spring of 2002.  The reels they carried had 40 year old images. See example shots and pictures of us on the job.

The National D-Day Museum View-Master set will contain images shot by us. Follow the link for more information.

If your attraction would also like to have a View-Master set, please send me email so I can send you the details and get you in contact with the right people.

Contact me via email at

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