Buy Yourself a View-Master Camera

The first thing to keep in mind is the current availability of Personal Reel Blanks.

I have had the best luck on ebay, so below I have provided links that search specifically for these items:

Click This to Search Ebay for View-Master Cameras
Click This for more extensive search (may give you other stuff as well)

Click This to Search Ebay for a View-Master Cutter

General Stereo Camera Section on Ebay

Other sources are local camera shows. You might get a great deal that way. 

Click This to see a list of local camera shows also sells top quality cameras and they all come with a warranty. 
This is typically the more expensive, but you wont get stuck with a camera that has problems.

See Info on Checking a View-Master Camera before buying

For price comparison this is last years average ebay prices compiled by Joe Hohmann:

19 "Personal" cutters: av.$310.(L $188.,H $610.)
26 "Personal" cameras: av.$183.(L $100.,H $330.)
9 "Personal" cam/cutter combos(some with extra goodies): av.$654. (L$356.,H $1,325.)
35 Mod.D viewers: av.$144.(L $72., H $249.)
24 "Stereomatic 500"projectors: av.$486.(L $224.,H $1,532)
17 close-up lenses: Both 36"&24" the same av.of $168.(L $100.,H$230.)