It uses normal 35mm slide film, but the images are small pairs. Since it uses the smaller images you can get 70 3D pictures from a 36 exposure roll. The film travels out of the can for the top roll up pictures, and then back in for the bottom.

The film can be developed at any decent photo lab, you just have to tell them to not cut and mount the film. What you get back is a long strip of developed film. You can then cut out the chips with the film cutter and insert them into blank reels.

Since there is no built in light meter, you can use the "EASY-INDICATOR". You set the film speed dial for film in camera and adjust the aperture and shutter speed knobs to align subject color and sky brightness (bright sun, hazy sun, etc). The Lens Opening (Aperture) knob also has marks to indicate how many feet to infinity objects will be in focus.