Other View-Master Related Cameras

The Mark II
35mm View-Master Personal Format.
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Meopta Stereo 35
35mm View-Master Personal Format.


Meopta Stereo Mikroma.
16mm View-Master Personal Format.
TDC Vivd
Not View-Master format, but designed by Gordon Smith at Stereocraft the same person who designed the View-Master Personal and it shares a lot of the same design features. 5P/Realist format. This is my favorite "Realist Format" camera.


Verascope F40
Not View-Master format, but was one of the main cameras used to take View-Master source photography from the 40's to the 60's. 7P European Format.
Not View-Master format, but was also a common camera used to take View-Master source photography. Many consider this to be the best stereo camera made. I use this camera often and it's optically excellent. It's not as user friendly and no where near the joy to shoot that a Vivid is.  7P Euro Format.

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