How Much Is This Worth?:

A common question posted to the View-Master discussion group is "How much is this old View-Master stuff I found/inherited worth?"

As with many collectables it all depends on the details of what you have.

If you are looking to sell your View-Master stuff, your best bet to get a good price is selling it via eBay. There are many View-Master collectors who browse there often.

Do some research to find out what you have. For Viewers, a good identification resource is:

For packets start here:
My quick packet reference
Finish Here:
The Ultimate Reel List

If you really need a price guide I would recommend:


Brad Welsch, "Collectible View-Master" prices
Available for $19 here -
Available for $30 here -

John Waldsmith "Stereo Views" prices
Old version available for $19 here -
New version available for $$17.50 here -

Harry zur Kleinsmiede, "View-Master Reels and Packets" - no prices (reference)
Available for $58 here -

Mary Ann & Wolfgang Sell "View-Master Memories" - no prices (reference)
Available for $30 here -

WEBSITES: - prices - prices - prices - prices - no prices (reference)

The most common questions are about the most common viewer, the Model C. This viewer is very common because it was so well constructed. It's worth in the $7 to $12 range.