Useful Information on Packets and other less useful but Fun stuff

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View-Master Quick History

View-Master 65th Aneversary

Glossary Of Collecting Terms (by Roger T. Nazeley)

Reel Production

View-Master in the movies

What Books can you find on View-Master

How to clean your View-Master Reels

View-Master Viewer Reference and more (on Keith Clatworthy's site)

View-Master Reel Sleeve Identification

Packet Identification Quick Reference

How Much is this View-Master stuff Worth?

View-Master Scenic and Travel Reels

Upgrade your Model F Viewer with Glass Lenses (Dr. T)

Issues with current Viewers and Reels

My View-Master Skin for Windows Media Player

View-Master as an Icon (Fun with Photoshop)

My Photoshop label template for Personal Reels (143k zip file)

Making custom View-Master Reels using a 35mm or Realist camera

Build Your Own VM Copy Unit (by Kevin Pernicano)

Charles Barnard's method for creating personal reels from a digital source

Demonstration of the Stereo Window (for you photographers)

Custom Reel Production

(NEW) List of Custom Reels Produced Recently (NEW)

An introduction to Stereo/3D cameras