A-059-S3D St Anne DeBeaupre

A-059-C-G1[A] St Anne DeBeaupre

A-043-G5 Parc Safari Africain

A-060-S4 Historial Ste Anne DeBeaupre

A-101-S5 Alaska

A-175-S3(851-ABC) Disneyland Main Street USA

A-176-S4 Disneyland Frontierland

A-177-S3(853-ABC) Disneyland Adventureland

A-177-G3[F] Disneyland Adventureland

A-178-S3(855-ABC) Disneyland Fantasyland

A-179-S3P(855-ABC) Disneyland Tomorrowland

A-179-S4 Disneyland Tomorrowland

A-179-S6B[C] Disneyland Tomorrowland

A-354-S3D(119-ABC) LDS

A-376-S4-No.1 Carlsbad Caverns

A-376-S4-No.2 Carlsbad Caverns

A-410-S6[A] Texas

A-412-S5[A] Six Flags Over Texas #1

A-412-G3[C] Six Flags Over Texas #1

A-413-S5 Six Flags Over Texas #2

A-415-S6 DFW Texas

A-422-G1[A] Astroworld #1

A-423-G2[A] Astroworld #2

A-442-G2[A] Dogpatch

A-651-S3(420-ABC) United Nations

A-671-S6 New York Worlds Fair General Tour

A-672-S6 New York Worlds Fair Night Scenes

A-673-S6 New York Worlds Fair International Area

A-674-S6 New York Worlds Fair Federal And State Area

A-675-S6 New York Worlds Fair Industrial Area

A-676-S6 New York Worlds Fair Transportation Area

A-761-S3D(154-ABC) Atlantic City

A-940-G3[A] Alligator Farm

A-949-G3[A] Disneyworld Adventureland

A-962-G1[A] Silver Springs Florida

A-964-G3[B] Marineland

B-170-S2(417-ABC) The Wedding (Grace Kelly)

B-181-S2-No.1(CZPX-410-ABC)  Canonization Pius X

B-181-S2-No.2(CZPX-410-ABC)  Canonization Pius X

B-362-G3 Winnie The Pooh

B-460-S3 Cowboy Stars

B-461-S3 Cowboy Stars Adventures

B-470-S6[A] Annie Oakley

B-471-G1[A] Bonanza

B-481-S6[A] The Munsters

B-482-S6[A] Lost In Space

B-486-S6[A] The Addams Family

B-488-S6[A] Green Hornet

B-491-S6[A] The Time Tunnel

B-494-G1[A] Land Of The Giants

B-503-G1[A] Dark Shadows

B-503-G3[A] Dark Shadows

B-551-G3 Mickey Mouse-Clock Cleaners

B-556-G3 Its A Bird Charlie Brown

B-610-S2(890-ABC) Butterflies of North America

B-613-S3D(920-ABC) Battle Of The Monsters

B-725-S6[A] American Indian

B-747-G3[A] Pan Am 747

B-766-S1(745-746-747) TV Stars

B-767-S2(725-726-727) Baseball Stars

B-937-G3[A] Americas Cup

H-13-G4 Smithsonian Air And Space Museum

L-19-V2 Philadelphia Phillies

T-100-G5 Isis


1000 Smurfette

34032 Secrets Of Space

34166 Toy Story

35023-9019 Hearst Castle

35063-1910 Bryce Canyon

35064-1910 Zion National Park

35487-1910 Las Vegas (baby!)

35154-1910 Washington DC Set 1

35160-1910 Washington DC Set 2

38172-1910 DC Set 3 The Capital

35442-1910 DC Set 4 The White House

36215 Small Soldiers

37006  A Bugs Life

39095 The Lion King

4074 PeeWee's Playhouse

4095 Star Trek The Next Generation

4092 The Legend Of Indiana Jones

Rudolph (Rankin Bass TV show)

5469 Branson Missouri

73647 Lilo And Stitch

74338 TresurePlanet

C4625-1910 Atomic Tests in 3D

H7337 Batman Begins

M37002-45 Tron

Greg Poehlein's modern reel sleve