I don't have many booklets on the site because they are a pain to do.
If you need booklets, you can buy them (and preview them for free) at:
View-Master Booklets Online

If you want to scan them yourself I got these Tips from Dan Shane on making a pdf for booklets:

Now, here is how I created the booklet reproductions:
I carefully remove the staple from the booklet and separate the 8 sheets (in the case of a standard 16-page booklet).

I scan them in at 300 dpi, creating 8 separate JPEG images. Then I start a Word document with a template I made with the proper margins (I can supply the template if you like), and I insert 2 images per 8-1/2 x 11 page in the correct sequence. I finish by creating a PDF file, but I could just as easily print directly from Word. The Acrobat file is much smaller, obviously.

By sequencing the images correctly, it is possible to print sheet one, turn the paper over, then print sheet two on the reverse side.

Here is the sequence for the booklet sheets. Putting an imaginary label of 1F, 1R (for SHEET ONE - FRONT, SHEET ONE - REVERSE), 2F, 2R, etc., the 4 MS Word pages would be set up like this:

1F 1R 3F 3R
== == == ==
2F 2R 4F 4R

As you can see, odd numbered VM booklet sheets go on top of each MS Word page, even on the bottom. I set top and side margins for 1/2".