Personal Reel Mounts



The History of Personal Reel Mount production

The machine used to make the reels is the same one that made them in 1952 and as far back as 10 years ago it was reported to be wearing out.
For quite some time it's future has been in question but it kept going and may have kept going at the plant if it had stayed in Oregon

Now that the Oregon plant that has been the reel making facility for the last 50 years was shut down in August 2000 and the normal reel production moved to Mexico, they made a decision not  to include it in the plant move. The Personal Reel Machine was instead shipped to Fisher-Price HQ in NYC for storage. They saw a dramatic increase in blank reel production before the move (because the word had gotten out) and are re-evaluating the situation regarding production. It's future however is in limbo.

Many of the resellers made big orders of Personal Reel Mounts during that last run, but it appears enthusiasts have been purchasing large amounts to ensure they can continue their hobby even if they are never produced again. This quickly depleted their stock.

The main resellers are:
Fesa Volante

(6/14/07) Fresa Volante should start selling to the public soon. The site is up
and running again and you can email them with inquiries.

(6/01/06) 3D began selling the REELMaster 3D mounts.
These are a novel approach that some might want to try.
Good chip registration could be difficult and they take a bit more effort.

(8/03/05) 3D has announced new reel mounts are NOW in production.
More details here

(4/09/04) Staff member Pierre Bernard of the Conan O'Brian show goes on the air to demand that Fischer-Price fix the Personal Reel Machine. See Clip here
Pierre Bernard is my hero

(2/11/03) In a surprise to everyone, a new personal reel mount has emerged from another source and is selling on ebay.  Made by a company in California called Fresa Volante. Currently (mid 2004) this link is dead and I have information that they are still working on developing the reel mount to make it better than this initial test version.  It's hard to say if this will see the light of day again or not.

3D said on July 11th 2002 that they have now have sample reel blanks but they need to change the adhesive used to make them the same stiffness as the originals. All other aspects of the samples look good.

3D announced on June 19th 2001 that they would soon be producing View-Master Reel Blanks!

For all of those concerned about the status of personal reels manufactured by Fisher Price, send me some email and I will add you to the list. I hear from good authority that something like a petition would be fruitless, but you never know when we may need to come together to save the format.

If your curious about what makes a personal reel different than a normal production reel see: Anatomy of a Personal Reel

If you are interested in creating View-Master reels without a Personal Stereo camera, see: Making custom View-Master Reels using a 35mm or Realist camera